Saturday, 17 March 2018

Warhammer: High Elves 9th 1.01 out now!

This updates changes the following.

  • Added Unicorn mount to mages.
  • Re-added option for Sun and Moon Dragon to Arch Mages (wrongfully remembered that they did have an official option for it in the plastic kit and in 7th ed.)
  • Dragon Mages get +2 to cast the spell Flaming Sword of Rhuin when targeting themselves.
  • Clarified that chariots have a 4+ save.
  • Removed fast cavalry from Tiranoc Chariots.
  • Removed repeated paragraph about Avelorn.
  • Silver Helms 23 pts.
  • Fixed bug where Star Dragon had T6.
  • Lowered armour upgrade cost of Reaver knights to 1,5 pts per piece.
  • Lowered cost of Great Eagle for Princes and Archmages to 65 pts.
  • Fixed bug with Ld9 in bestiary for Sisters of Avelorn and Tiranoc chariots.
  • Added shield option and full command option to Shadow warriors.
  • Fixed bug with Handmaidens not having Quick to Fire, removed Quick to Fire from Sisters of Avelorn (16 pts).
  • Shadow armour is now a medium armour.
  • Nerfed Curse of Aenarion rule to be a 3+ Ward save. Clarified how it works when taking multiple wounds.
  • Nerfed White Lions' "Lion Claw" ability, gives Heroic Killing Blow in the first round of close combat, does not apply to monsters.
  • Swordmasters have the the Parry (6+) special rule, which also works against shots from all non-magical bows and crossbows fired at the model's front arc.
  • Fixed bug where Dragon Mage's Sun Dragon had T6.
  • Fixed bug with missing Skirmish rule for Shadow Warriors.
  • The War Crown lets Teclis re-roll the result of any spell effects (such as the number of hits inflicted by a magic missile).     
  • Teclis has the Potion of Inner Strength Magic item, giving him the stats of a Loremaster for one turn.
  • Aislinn's Master of the Mists special rule adds +D6" to their range, allowing Sea Guard to reach the enemy lines with their bows.
  • Soul Quench upgraded version causes 3D6 hits, casting value 12+. 
  • Added version number.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Donate button fixed

Just a quick heads up that the previous "Support" button has been changed to a clearer "Donate" button, with a link that now is in English (did not realise that it had apparently had been in Swedish for everyone it seems!). This also include a "monthly recurring" option since a few of you had asked if I had a Patreon account or similar, which was not the case back then.

So, if any of you felt like donating in the past and could not get past the Swedish donation page (in which case I don't blame you) it should now be easier to do so. Any donations to help me and the project keep going are much appreciated.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Warhammer: High Elves 9th Ed out now!

Clocking in at 222 pages, this is the second longest book I have finished. It contains pretty much every official source on High Elves ever written, combining both the reign of the Phoenix Kings as well as the full stories of Tyrion, Teclis, Eltharion, Imrik and Alith Anar, along with the Island of Blood and dozens of short stories. I've also extended all the background for the various units, giving them about 2 pages each compared to the half to one page they got in 8th ed, so there's a lot of new stuff to read if you haven't read all the previous books. In short (as usual), this would be your ultimate High Elves tome for Warhammer.


  • New Lord: Lord of Aenarion (from Warhammer Quest).
  • New Hero: Mistweaver (from Warhammer Quest/Storm of Chaos) 
  • New Special Character: Sea Lord Aislinn.
  • New Special Character: Selafyn.
  • New Special Character: Imrik.
  • New Special Character: Belannaer the Wise.
  • Tyrion has Curse of Aenarion special rule. 
  • Teclis has Curse of Aenarion special rule. Buffed Moon Staff.
  • Eltharion is mounted on Stormwing by default, have spear instead of long bow.
  • Lileath's Blessing now gives +1 to dispel instead.
  • Arch Mages and Nobles may not ride dragons.
  • Mages may not ride chariots. 
  • Nobles may not ride Griffons.
  • Anointed of Asuryan cannot be army's general, gives Immunity (Psychology) and allows re-roll of ward save results of 1 to make him useful in Phoenix Guard units. No longer has Magic Resistance.
  • Added Pegasus as a mount (as they had in 4th Ed).
  • Increased cost of Great Eagles for character mounts as they give them +1T.
  • Lothern Sea Helms have medium armour.
  • Skycutter 80 pts for Lothern Sea Helm as they cannot use Naval Disciple when mounted.
  • Dragon Mages may take light armour, not dragon armour.
  • Archers 12 pts/model, may take medium armour.
  • Spearmen may take a Magic Banner instead of Sea Guard.
  • Warriors may skirmish. 
  • Ellyrian Reavers renamed to Reaver Knights (as per 4th ed), cost 14 pts, can choose between spear or bows (or both) from the start.
  • Swordmasters 15 pts, have swordmaster rule to ignore Init penalties from great weapons as well as the deflect shots rule from 8th ed.
  • White Lions 15 pts, have Woodsman's axe which is a great weapon with special combat abilties (from 5th ed).
  • Lion Chariot 110 pts.
  • Dragon Princes 28 pts.
  • Shadow Warriors 15 pts.
  • Sisters of Avelorn 17 pts.
  • Phoenix Guard are not immune to psychology.
  • Handmaidens of the Everqueen 21 pts. 
  • Standard of Avelorn gives +2 to cast, not +4, cost 10 pts.
  • Frostheart Phoenix 260 pts, have S5 instead of S6. 
  • Clarified that Flame Kindled and Wake of Fire are non-physical attacks. Wake of Fire inflicts D6 hits for each unit it passes over, but not not cause hits for additional ranks.
  • The Phoenixes have Immunity (Flaming/Ice Attacks) respectively.
  • Shadow Armour returned to magic items.
  • Banner of the World Dragon gives the unit Magic Resistance (5).
  • Arcane unforging can only be cast on characters.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Warhammer: Steam Tanks 9th Ed out now!

This small release is 14 pages long and contains the following:
  • Rules and background for Steam Tank variants; Conqueror, von Zeppel, Old Reliable, Sigmar's Hammer and Implaceable.
  • Background stories of battles where the Steam Tanks have played an integral part. 
  • Background of famous Steam Tank Commanders.
  • Rules and Background for the Marienburg Land Battle Ship.


This release will only be made for 9th Ed, though the rules can easily be adapted for 8th ed if wanted. Enjoy!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Empire Knightly Orders 9th ed 1.02 out now!

Updated 29/1:
  • Fixed Preceptors only having 1A.
  • Added version number. 
  • Fixed bug which allowed Reiksgaurd to be upgraded to Inner Circle.

Not a huge update, but it contains the following changes:

  • New layout to match the Empire Army Book.
  • Additional background for Knights of Sigmar's Blood and Knights of the Fiery Heart.
  • Obsidian armour functions like normal full plate.
  • White wolf hammers follow the rules of halberds with armour piercing.
  • Knights Encarmine can negate rank bonuses.
  • Knights of the Sacred Scythe have hand weapons, Hatred (Vampire Counts). 
  • Added if the unit takes up a Core, Special or Rare slot (White Wolves and Panther are Core as they are the biggest orders)
  • Cheaper Grand Masters, in accordance with the Empire army book. 


I'm not finished with the Empire 8th Ed update for Ravening Hordes yet, but it should out sometime next week, shortly followed by the Steam Tanks expansion. High Elves will most likely be out later in February.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Warhammer: Empire 9th ed 1.12 out now!

Update 9/1:
  • Greatsword can upgrade to medium or heavy armour, not heavy and full plate armour.

Update 4/1:
  • Warrior Priest prayer's do not affect detachments (as detachments do not exist anymore). 
  • Witch Hunters do not have light armour by default.
  • Fixed bug in army list where Marksmen have A2 and Preceptors have A1.

This update contains the following changes:
  • Removed Knights Panther, Blazing Sun and White Wolves from the book, these can instead be accessed from the expansion with the correct special rules for their Grandmaster.
  • Removed skirmishers from Sisters of Sigmar, is now optional. Added Immunity (Fear). Nerfed to Ld7 like in Mordheim, champions have WS4. Can only have HW and shield, as befits their models. Will get more options in the Priests of the Old World expansion.
  • Cut off Valtens backstory to after he saved Lachenbad so the story does not interject with Volkmar's current fluff. Valten as the Champion of Sigmar will be made available in Storm of Chaos later.
  • Kurt Helborgs armour can never be made worse than 3+, rather than rerolling saves.
  • Boris Todbringer has a shield, hates Beastmen.
  • Jubal Falk may include the Nuln Ironsides.
  • Magnus the Pious have the Leader of Men and Righteous Fury special rules.
  • Additional power dice from multiple Arcane Battle Altars are cumulative.
  • Greatswords are State Troops.
  • Reiksguard Knights joined by Kurt Helborg may re-roll failed break tests.
  • Witch Hunters can take crossbows.
  • Arch Lector 100 pts. 
  • Nerfed Bruckner's amulet.
  • Engineers can have light armour.
  • Flagellants Ld5.
  • Multiple bugs and spelling errors fixed.

8th ed Ravening Hordes will be updated shortly after New Years.